Designregio Kortrijk invites recent design graduates from the various creative disciplines to apply for its Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2015 programme. During a working residence of 3 months (September to December 2015), the three selected designers from Belgium and overseas will be offered a unique opportunity to work together on the theme of 'Open Design for the Future'.

The Budafabriek and the BUDA::lab are the two inspirational locations in Kortrijk where the designers will create, work and stay. At the same time, these locations are also the focal point for a fascinating community of creative individuals, companies, cultural organisations, creative teaching as well as end-users. Discover the experiences of the Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2014 here.

Apply before June 1 2015 via this link


The profile of the designers must correspond to 3 basic criteria:

1………recently graduated

2………a project-centred approach

3………and an international outlook

It is the intention to achieve a cross-disciplinary dialogue with a diverse outcome. Are you one of the designers we are looking for?

Apply before June 1 2015 via this link


Designregio Kortrijk represents a cooperative joining of forces by its five partners from the Kortrijk region in Belgium, who are all engaged in the broad field of design: Voka West-Vlaanderen, Howest, Stad Kortrijk, Leiedal and Biennale Interieur. It is the ambition of Designregio Kortrijk to enhance and develop the creative identity and activities of its partners and the region through constructive cooperation. Designregio Kortrijk works closely with project partners in Flanders, in the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, and in Europe. Designregio Kortrijk is also a founding member and regional hub of Design Platform Vlaanderen.

Designregio Kortrijk is situated in the centre of Kortrijk on Buda-eiland. This part of the town is an actual island and the location for a number of important creative players, such as the Kunstencentrum (arts centre) BUDA, the Budafabriek, the BUDA::lab, Passerelle vzw, Antigone theatre, etc.

With its Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme, Designregio Kortrijk intends to highlight cross-disciplinary strategies to explore new concepts, to allow for experimentation and to produce creative work. The intention is for the residential programme to lead to new insights, systems and/or research strategies. The Kortrijk residential programme will also be linked to the local economic context through cooperation with local industry without being limited to this approach.

The manner in which everything that surrounds us is designed, manufactured and distributed is changing, the causes including social as well as technological developments. On the one hand there exists a fast-growing DIY culture based on transparency and the sharing of knowledge, and on the other we experience a democratisation of affordable and flexible manufacturing technologies which make personal fabrication possible. Such developments lead to a global network of makers who will define a substantial part of our physical world through optimal use of the virtual world.

This is why the Designers in Residence programme of Designregio Kortrijk is themed ‘Open Design for the Future’. Together with our partners, we aim to further transform the Buda-eiland neighbourhood into a creative community. Creative individuals, companies, organisations and end-users are all part of that network. Its focus is the Budafabriek with the public workspace BUDA::lab. Within this creative community, we want to take into account changes in the present model of creation, production and consumption, in close cooperation with the end-user.


1………Registration before June 1, 2015 at the latest!

2………You must use the application form to apply

3……… Check the terms and conditions to ensure you fit the criteria for entry

4………Send us your proposal and your motivation

Apply before June 1 2015 via this link