Whitee Design

Durability in fashion. Meaning in design.

Durability in what?

We believe in many things, but ordinary child-laboured low quality fashion is not one of them. Changing the world into a better place starts with ourselves.

We are what we wear, so know what you’re wearing. We consciously choose for 100% organic cotton, ethicly manufactured and eco-printed tees.

We believe in ethical solutions in a polluted industry.

That’s why we ship plastic-free. That’s why our custommers, or as we like to call them our rebels, shop consciously.

Meaning in what?

Every collection has its own unique story, designed with care, by local artists.

This is how we distinguish ourselves with other ethical fashion brands.

We believe beauty lies in the deeper meaning behind the artworks

that are printed on your tees. Love it or hate it (although we really hope you love it).

Hemelrijkstraat 41

Marke 8510